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William Wend

Does the rush of an engine screaming at 160 MPH get you excited? Then let me guide you into the world of motorcycle road racing in Florida.

My name is William Wend, also known as Willy Wings. I am an amateur racer for the Florida Motorcycle Road Racing Association. I am seeking financial sponsorship for the 2018-2019 FMRRA race season in the form of advertising and promotion of your business. I can be reached at 954-260-9465 or


The FMRRA is Florida’s #1 and growing motorcycle road racing club, hosting races from Miami to Georgia drawing locals from all areas in between. They host 8 race weekends a season filling grids as well as paddocks with thrill seeking athletes and their families.

What can I do for you? With your business sponsorship, I can offer: my race motorcycle as a moving billboard, promotional images on my social media pages, and my race results and updates as an audiovisual commercial on both the internet as well as at events.

With your support, I can afford higher quality materials for my superbike (oil, tires, and brake fluid) as well as enter more races for more exposure. As a known and respected industry insider, the racing community will see the support you are willing to provide to one of its athletes.

I am offering different levels of sponsorship which provide different ways to promote your business. I can guarantee I will be attending every FMRRA race for the 2018- 2019 season (Nov 2018 – Jun 2019), with numerous practice days and practice events in between. With your contributed financial support I can provide services such as:

• Customizable motorcycle decals
• I will utilize high traffic pit placement. More exposure to display your business
• Social media to promote business – Youtube, Facebook (700+ friends), Strava, Hookit, Instagram (3k+ followers)
• Attendance with Florida’s exclusive motorcycle racing club
• Race interview exposure
• Race Trailer Decals
• Customizable pop-up tent
• T-shirts including your business name
• Table with fliers/propaganda
• Plus much more!

My Achievements:

• 2016 FMRRA – 19th of 107 place overall Amateur class
• 2016 FMRRA – 4th place overall Superstock 600 class
• 2017 FMRRA – 3rd place overall Amateur class
• 2017 FMRRA – 1st place Bridgestone Cup 600 Championship Amateur
• 2017 FMRRA – 3rd place Superstock 600 Amateur overall
• 2018 – DAYTONA ASRA/CCS Race of Champions – 2nd place overall GTL class

My goals for 2018 FMRRA season are to finish #1 overall amateur, and finish #1 in the Superstock 600 class. With your support I can utilize the best materials to achieve my goals and ensure the championship!

Sponsorship Packages

Level 1

$ 600

Per Season
  • 1 decal on lower belly pan of motorcycle (each side)
  • Post race (FMRRA and SFLMINIGP) updates on social media identifying your support
  • Race interview/commentary acknowledgments of your business
  • Facebook, Youtube (race footage uploads), Hookit and Instagram advertising including monthly plugs
  • Professional photographs after races submitted to you for your business use

Level 2

$ 1000

Per Season
  • All benefits from Level 1
  • Additional decal location on bike (each side)
  • Reference/tag company (advertisement of your choice) bi-weekly on social media
  • Race trailer decal placement
  • T-shirts worn at events/awards ceremonies with your logo included

Level 3Most Popular

$ 2500

Per Season
  • All benefits from Level 1 & 2
  • Custom event flags with your logo
  • Table set up with the propaganda of your choice at every event
  • Decal locations on protective gear (customize)
  • Additional decal location on motorcycle (each side)
  • Additional race class enrollment – MORE EXPOSURE!

Level 4

$ 5000

Per Season
  • All benefits from Level 1 & 2 & 3
  • Custom pop up canopy with your logo
  • Choose colors/theme of entire motorcycle
  • Company decals on personal vehicle
  • 1 track day with personal coaching gifted to you!

Profits from each merchandise sale help fund my career and my passion for 2 wheels. Thank you in advance for all of your support!